Dance Like A Star – 6 Free Tips To Learn The Art of Dancing!

Dance has evolved to a great extent over a few decades. Increased awareness of new dancing styles has brought a revolutionary demand for industry. More and more people are aspiring to be professional dancers.

So what are the factors behind the success of the Dance Industry?

Reality Shows

Road To Stardom

So, let’s talk about it. In a lay man’s language dance can be different body movements on a particular music or it can be a different dance form such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Bollywood or various classical or folk styles of the world.

Mainly in the 20th Century reality shows have greatly influenced the demand of dance. Everyone wants to be part of reality shows and become famous. This is bringing in the great competition in each dance style. Modern age dance is dynamic and more challenging combined with other synchronized forms of body movement such as gymnastic, yoga, martial arts and more.

Another factor adding to this revolution would be social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Reels etc. Kids and adults are showing off their talent through these social media mediums and coming up in the limelight as great content gets viral quite fast and can be a great way to present your talent to the public at large. 

Various other factors can be different competitions at schools, local talent shows, fests or simply urge or passion to learn.

This brings us to the point of our free tips section. So, what are they?

Tip Number 1: Choose – What’s Right For You?

Dance choosing right path

Be it a Dance or other passion which you want to pursue it is very important you understand what form is best for you. If you end up taking the wrong path then leaving the things halfway can be quite painful and challenging or starting again with the same enthusiasm can be quite challenging.

So, how do we choose what is right for us? When it comes to dancing, just play music and close your eyes and listen. Keep repeating this activity with different categories of music until you feel connected with one of them and your body starts moving along. With closed eyes you can feel the happiness within you and do this maybe for a week until your mind is sure and crystal clear about it.

Sometimes it might take more time and effort, however if you pay attention and do this activity without any doubts in your mind you will be able to listen to voice within you or some kind of signal to assure you. Just remember to do this activity at same time and in a quiet place where no one can disturb you. And I can assure you that you will get answers real quick, so get them and start your journey.

Tip Number 2: Right School And Teacher

Sometimes it will be tempting to join some fancy looking dance academy’s where your friends will be going or everyone would like to hangout. But, remember it’s not always cool or most equipped dance schools can make great dancers it’s great teachers who make great students. 

So, get into the work of short listing teachers accessible for you and try to check their background if you can meet a few of their students and get into demo class before you make the final decision. 

Tip Number 3: Dancers Practice Everyday

Now once you have chosen your teacher and are clear about the dance style, the next task will be to learn the basics. And trust me beginning can be quite boring and most people will give up even before they start. It’s like everyone wants to be a Rockstar Guitarist without practicing the hours and hours of basic chords.  

Remember patience is the key, so do it. Don’t focus on your long term goals rather set a daily goal of practicing the basics of dance which you learn in the class. 

Be it a dance you want to master or any other activity, one of the greatest tools that makes it possible is consistency in your daily practice, so let’s talk about that in the next free tip.

Tip Number 4: Discipline is the Key

One thing which is a key ingredient for achieving any goal is to maintain discipline and avoid procrastination. Many people fail or lose the interest in achieving their goals due to a laid back attitude of postponing things that leads to making things complicated and unachievable.

A simple exercise of practicing one step everyday could turn into a challenging exercise of learning an entire dance routine in a day due to procrastination.

So, do what all achievers are doing. Create a timetable for your daily practice and stick to it whatever maybe the situation. Initially things might be difficult to follow however over a period of time it will become a part of life and you will start seeing big results.

A simple act of discipline and stick to basics can change your life and let everyone around you cheer an aspiring dancer in you.

Tip Number 5: Master the Universal Language of Dance

Dance is a beautiful art where a dancer expresses himself or his emotions through various dance movements. So, just focus on one dance form and master it. 

The more you learn the more stronger your expressions will grow and more easy it will be to convert words into a dance movement.

There is a great relationship between dance and music, they just get sync with each other so that sometimes it will be difficult to tell whether you are listening to music or watching dance. 

It’s like a meditation process where the more you learn this art the more you connect to your inner self and when we are aware of ourselves then we develop phenomenal strength within us to achieve more from us or to make ourselves the best version of us.

Tip Number 6: Always Be Thankful And Remember Your Roots

aware, awake, accepting

We just have one life to live, so we must live to the fullest and must try to achieve whatever we love or want to do in life with due dignity for self and others. 

However, in the race of doing things or becoming the best dancer we must remember who we are. Whatever milestone you achieve in your life just remember there is no end to learning and one must remember everyone was a beginner one day. 

So, do not let ego or over confidence over should you and stay who you were as a beginner. Greatness is not achieved by doing great things, it is achieved by doing great things and being connected to your roots. Dance only teaches us to love and spread love wherever we are and whoever we are.

To be precise any goal can be achieved if we follow a series of steps with great dedication and precision. Right from understanding yourself and the things you’re passionate about to make your dream into reality a journey will be completed if once keep in mind why they started in the first place and what they want to get out of it, how does it matter to them, how important it is for them and who they can add value to the world around they by achieving their goals. 

So what are you waiting for, get started and start living your life the way you want it to be or click here to enrol with Step It Up Dance And Fitness Academy Bangalore.

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